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About Chabahar Port

Chabahar is one of the main business sea ports in Iran. The height of the Port is 8 meters from high seas, the land distance from Tehran is 1456 kilometers and distance from the first airport (Konarak) is 40 kilometers.

Chabahar historical port with a 220 thousands population enjoys a strategic position as one of the country`s non-competed gates for entering into international seas.

The minimum and maximum temperature of Chabahar port is 10.5c -34c so it enjoys one of the favorable climates among south ports of Iran.

Chabahar port as the fourth economic pivot of Iran enjoys the best transit grounds. According to the international resources, Chabahar port accounts as the important corridor of south and north worldwide and is the only oceanic port of Iran, which possess the ability of oceanic vessels berth.

Chabahar port enjoys superior role in the world`s transit and is expected to be changed into international and regional mega port.

The port of Chabahar holds the best advantages in the universal transit among those three main routes of south and north. It is regarded even more important than the Suez Canal.

Chabahar free zone is connected to Afghanistan and India and is the nearest land distance to Afghanistan and Central Asian countries. Also transit capabilities of this port enable it to become as a base for transfer of goods with the lowest charge.

Chabahar port can be assigned as the best and most appropriate Watergate for connecting with Afghanistan to abroad.

The port of Chabahar enjoys a great significance due to its strategic position as well as being nearest access way of landlocked Central Asian countries including Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan to open seas.

The Area witnesses many construction activities and investment, growth in the loading capacity of ocean explorer vessels, and construction of the railway to Middle East as well as establishment of international airport.

Customs affairs:

Installation of ASYCUDA system and employing the professional labor forces decrease customs formalities and make it competitive without double expenses for loading and unloading.

Road transportation:

Regarding the connection of Chabahar free zone to roads and also establishment of transportation companies, all the required capacities have been prepared to carry the imported goods.