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Facilities & Benefits of investment in chabahar port

Facilities & Benefits of investment in chabahar port

  1. 30% exemption for Terminal Handling Charge (THC) comparing to other Iranian southern ports;

  2. Income and property tax exemption for 20 years ;

  3. Inclusion of Administrative law for Free Trade-Industrial Zones of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Chabahar port;

  4. Capacity to berth vessels with 11.6 meters draft;

  5. Possessing Integrated Management System certificates(IMS) , including ISO 9001-2000, ISO 14001-2004 and OHSAS18001-1999

  6. as a single port of Iran, it has direct access to Indian ocean (Entrance gate of the Persian Gulf)

  7. Airport availability;

  8. Entrance gate to the International North-South Corridor and Iran's Eastern Transit Route;

  9. Minimum waiting time comparing to other Iranian ports;

  10. Availability of transit road (Chabahar – Milak);

  11. Availability of Milak transportation terminal.