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Chabahar Free zone benefits

Some of the Chabahar port`s priorities are as below:

  1. The least waiting and stopping time;

  2. The least stock-taking and vast area to cargo warehousing;

  3. The least customs tariff on cargoes in comparison with other Iran`s ports;

  4. Ability to vessels and Chabahar-panama`s ship berthing;

  5. nearby industrial free zone;

  6. Nearby international airport (40 kilometers distance);

  7. Putting advanced port equipments into operate;

  8. Cheap labor forces;

  9. The best opportunity to transfer cargoes from the ships to the other vehicles, also shipment of cargoes from Persian Gulf ports to Afghanistan and CIS countries;

  10. Existence a favorable climate and the feasibility of activities all over the tears with relatively appropriate humidity;

  11. The ability to cargoes transit and maintenance by the fitting warehouses for each amount of demand

  12. Free entrance, without customs duties on machines, automobile spare parts and capital vehicle, raw materials and construction materials for imposing production, trade, residential and services unit as well as infrastructure activities within the region

  13. Suitable geographic position due to nearby open seas

  14. Connection to land and possibility for land connection with Central Asian countries, Caucasia and neighboring countries;

  15. Port facilities to accept large vessels, also capability for future development;

  16. Opening direct credit through region`s banks;

  17. Access to mineral, agricultural, chemical and petrochemical raw materials from origin land as well as process in order to export, out of laws and regulations have been controlled by origin land;

  18. the independence telecommunication system along with national and noncompetitive tariffs;

  19. A special discount for importers through Chabahar customs

The port of Chabahar enjoys a high-capacity due to access high seas and nearby mountains of Mars, Golafshan, Mountains, Tiss fishing ports, Lipase wetland and favorable weather at the end of the winter.

Export and transit services of Chabahar port have been growing by 500 percent since 6 years ago. This port would be displaced till 6 million tons.

Chabahar port is developing to eastern and north-eastern neighbor countries of Iran.

Chabahar port has a pivotal role in strengthening export and transit among ECO member countries, ASEAN and also other countries.